Organic Ginger, Ground

Bring the delicious taste of the Far East to your kitchen. Kotányi Organic Ginger has a bitter, aromatic and spicy taste with a hint of lemon — plus that unmistakable warming flavor.

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India's gold

The fresh, lemony, bold aromatic flavor of ginger is perfect for a wide range of dishes. Its intense flavor and vibrant yellow color make a great addition to curries, cookies, desserts and drinks.

Ginger does it all

Ground Ginger is a wonderfully versatile seasoning, and especially popular for baked goods thanks to its pleasant, aromatic warmth. When roasted with onions and garlic, it forms the perfect base for many Chinese and Indian dishes.

Ingwerknolle neben einer Schüssel Ramenliegende Ingwerknollen

Bold color is a mark of quality

Aufschneiden eines Ingwers

Our Ginger is a radiant yellow color, with no added colorings or preservatives. This intense color is testament to the meticulous processing and outstanding quality.